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Brad's Tree Service Abilene, TX
11/21/2012 04:11:51 am

Thank You Local Leads Now!

We've been with Local Leads Now for over 2 years! They promised ongoing and continuous improvement to our internet marketing - and they deliver! We closed our largest job last month - $30000.00! Thank You Local Leads Now!
Starr Roofing Pete Reed
10/30/2012 01:10:35 am

Best ROI for my Advertising Dollar!

I'm one of the owners of a Construction Company that does roofing, rain gutters, house painting and most types of renovations. Pete and Local Leads Now has been our primary Lead Source via the internet. I recommend Pete and his company with the utmost confidence!
Espinoza Tree Service
10/27/2012 02:10:41 am

We are very pleased with LOCAL LEADS NOW!

We started getting Leads from Pete and Local Leads Now within a week of signing up! We are so happy with the results that we have canceled our Yellow Pages advertising! Thank you Local Leads Now! Houston, TX
Eric Lake - OMG! Floors
04/10/2012 10:04:51 am

Real Leads in Real Time

Local Leads Now provides my business with real leads from customers who are looking to buy! The website that Local Leads Now designed gives customers just enough information to prompt them to call us and schedule an appointment. When they call, I'm confident that they know what we're about, and they need what we are selling. I can't afford to chase leads from "tire kickers". I need real leads, from people who are serious about making a purchase. That's all I can ask for. It's my job to follow up on every lead quickly and professionally. My closing percentage on leads provided by Local Leads Now is over 75%. In my business, that's fantastic considering our average sale is between $3,500 and $5,000 with many sales over $10K. Local Leads Now is the best value for qualified leads that I've found - and I've tried them all.
American Concrete  & Construction LLC
03/28/2012 05:03:09 pm


We are so happy with Local Leads work and quality of customer service, we definitely recommend them to any and all looking for a professional who does it all. Website not only looks great but there is always an open line of communication and Pete is always so helpful and ready to accommodate what ever we want. The experience we've had with Local Leads has been a joy with no stress at all. Give these guys a call If you havnt already! Here at American Concrete & Construction we give our stamp of approval!
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